Well, I managed to get my painting for this month based yesterday so I have managed to finish what I planned to!

Arhalien's Month 1

This month I've painted a character for Zombicide - The Black Plague. The model in question is from the Jovem Nerd guest pack, which has 4 new playable characters for the game. Unfortunately this model was a bit bent, hence why he's leaning backwards quite noticeably...

I have to admit that I painted a lot of this model last year, however most of my month was taken up painting Dropfleet Commander, and I only put brush to model on this mini a couple of days ago. Overall, I'm happy with the result and it's a nice change of pace from painting space ships.

And a quick WiP shot for next month (from the Marc Simonetti guest pack):

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has come up with for this month