It seems "The Era of the Group Project Log" has come to an end here on Warseer.
I actually feel a little pride that the ToBGP is the most recently edited "Tale of..." thread. We outlasted the other bigger ones, no small thanks to Doi and others who kept it going after our initial few seasons when these were all popular and going strong.

@Arhalien: Those really are some neat paint jobs. I hope you have made some progress on your Zombicide: Black Plague even though it hasn't been posted here.
@Doi: Those are great minis and strong colors. Sadly photobucket has ruined them with a watermark. Does their free service do this after a certain amount of time, or so you always have to link to their website to see the actual image?
Excellent lighting effect in the eye of the watcher!

So I'm just going to post as if no time has passed and it's business as usual.

Here is the Blood Rage Wolf Clan finished:

The finished Frost Giant (and the Soldier of Hel for base comparison):

That's the last monster figure in the Blood Rage set, so here are 3rd Age Monsters:

Finally here are the last Blood Rage minis from the base set, the Serpent Clan (plus some minis from Hate):

After those there is still the Ram clan (sans leader which I painted first) to finish off the whole 5 player set, but then I'll be done.
I hope I can round off this year by finishing Blood Rage. Then next January we might start a "Tale of Boardgame Painters Eternal" thread and just leave it there to (hopefully) accumulate through years to come