April has already rolled around this year (I swear Christmas was only a week ago...) which means it is time for everyone's first completed models! There are only a handful of us this time around so I'm going to keep the entire Tale inside a single thread instead of monthly posts (I'll put links to where each month starts in this post).

Sign-up List:
Arhalien: Zombicide/Aristeia (model-a-month)
DarthSte: Shadespire (model-a-month)
DarthSte: Necromunda (1+ models a month)
Doi: Kingdom Death: Monster (1+ models a month)
Doi: Dark Souls (model-a-month)
Naryzhud: Mice and Mystics
silverstu: Necromunda
Solun Decius: Blood Rage

I'm hoping to have my photos up tomorrow.