So I thought I would start a log for my painting. I have a load of model heavy kickstarters coming and several other smaller projects on the go through out this year.

Currantly im working on my german force for Konflikt 47 which will be the starting point for now.

But the log will eventually also feature(amongst others):
Dark souls wave 2
Deep madness
Streets of Arkham (MoM expansion)
Street masters: rise of the kingdom

But as I said Konflikt 47 is where we will be starting. I already have an american force (1,000pts plus a few extra units to mix it up)

But now im making a german force so I can get a few games going.

So the starting point was to grab a german starting army (this gave me most of my army along with a few extra units - namely a medic, an extra commander, a radio team, an armoured car and about 10 additional men).

And after an afternoon my force looks like this:

I also used a couple of the spare troops to make a sniper team.

The only things I will need to purchase will be a panzershreck team, 4 Shreckwulfen and a panzermech.

Until then, let the painting commence...