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Part 4: The End

I’m not angry at Last Stand at Glazer’s Creek II. I’m not even annoyed.
It’s not as though this is on the level of ‘Legend of the White Dwarf’ (see White Dwarf May 2017) or the like.
It’s not offensively bad.
It’s not really anything.
At most, if it makes me feel anything, it’s a sense of mild disappointment – a sense of missed opportunity.
Last week I watched "Hanover Street," a rather obscure film from 1979. It features Harrison Ford in the first flush of his mega-stardom from the original Star Wars. He plays a US bomber pilot in World War II. Also featured is Leslie-Ann Down and Christopher Plummer.

With a cast like that, you'd think it would be really good. It isn't. It's not awful, either. It's just sort of there. You can see where it could have been pretty good, but it isn't.

At the same time, there's nothing objectively awful about it. It's got plot holes and tics but there's nothing in it that makes you laugh at loud at how bad it is. That's the problem. It leaves you utterly indifferent. It's boring.

The opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference. When you read or watch something truly awful, it at least provokes a strong emotional response.

The author hopes it's a positive response, but a negative one can also work if it's negative for the right reasons.

So your take is about the worst thing one could say about it. Like "Hanover Street," it's not bad enough to get excited about. it's just a waste of time.

Battle reports generally fall into two categories. Most are showcasing something new, either a whole army or a unit within it. The object is to explain how they work.

The rest of them are supposed to entertain, either through the novelty of the scenario or the tactical genius of the players. The "Beardiest Army Ever" series (I forget what they called them) was a combination of the two, showcasing the lists and units, and also the tactical deviousness of the players.

This report fails because it is neither promotional nor entertaining. It isn't well written and doesn't impart tactical lessons. Nor it is a grudge match between well-known rivals.

That's why it fails.