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Thread: 40k FAQ 2018 is out now

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    Re: 40k FAQ 2018 is out now

    Well, heck. Do you ever feel like we might be like two old geezers sitting on their front porch yelling at passing kids to keep off the grass?

    As you have so ably pointed out, the WHY of people's behavior might be more interesting than WHAT they are doing. Human motives are fascinating and even after a few trips around the block, still baffling.

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    Separated by a thousand miles from my friends and 6000 miles from my son (my wargaming buddies), I have always been a bit of a loner by nature and necessity because of the type of work I do. Still, over the last decade I have managed to drag these 8th ed.
    Chaos warriors and their buddies along with me, even if their only activity in that time has been two Kings of War matches.

    For me, the social aspect of the game is the best part. I have no interest in playing a game with a high strung man-child who is screeching at me because I managed to kill two of the seven flying hive tyrants he is throwing at my Ultramarines, who were dead when I placed them on the tabletop. That just doesn't seem fun OR relaxing...but again, motives. It is amazing how GW's motives has drawn so many into GW's clever web. The whole Warhammer-Black Library nexus is clever beyond belief, but then GW counts on human nature, such as it is, to respond to the whole "next great thing list building meta" to keep the ball rolling. And they seem to do it better than any of the other multitude who produce wargames. In my case, it is at least an hour to a game of 40k or Warmachine (which really doesn't interest me that much), so I am kind of a captive audience. But not that captive. Even if I have a better chance of finding a pack of wolves in my back yard than a historical or fantasy wargamer, I still manage to get the (very) occasional game in, and life takes care of the rest.

    I have enjoyed your posts and insights, even bought your book (I have grandkids coming) so my best to you, and all wargamers. Life is hard sometimes, and if history is any indicator, will probably get harder at some point. Good fortune and great fun to you all.
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