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Well, heck. Do you ever feel like we might be like two old geezers sitting on their front porch yelling at passing kids to keep off the grass?
Oh, I'm absolutely that guy. Some kids cut across my lawn and I was livid.

As you have so ably pointed out, the WHY of people's behavior might be more interesting than WHAT they are doing. Human motives are fascinating and even after a few trips around the block, still baffling.
I don't know. The older I get, the clearer people become to me. It's like a veil has been withdrawn.

I have enjoyed your posts and insights, even bought your book (I have grandkids coming) so my best to you, and all wargamers. Life is hard sometimes, and if history is any indicator, will probably get harder at some point. Good fortune and great fun to you all.
Very cool to hear.

Best wishes to you as well.