I have not played a game in a long time. I have stayed with the hobby though through painting and collecting.

I want to get more back into it, and start gaming again, and going to events etc.

I like going for Best in Show, that is why I attend. Sharing beautiful armies for everyone to enjoy

Now I do not know how everything has changed in terms of army building for 8th edition but I want to go back with ORKS!

They will be a big change of pace for me, as I am used to discipline armies (Space Marines, Guard, Tau).

Feral Orks to be specific. I know they no longer have their own rules but I can use count as easy enough. Bikes = Cyber Boars etc.

The theme for the army I have in mind is Nomads. I want to have loads of Squiggoths with tiered towers on their backs. Think the LotR Oliphant.

What do you think? Is something like this possible now?