If you like Civilization games, then yes. Especially if you're out to play this along with a bunch of mates, since turns are simultaneous and the game runs smooth enough. There is plenty of details and quite some depth, and a lot to do (especially if you play with someone who have all the DLCs; this is a Paradox game).

That said, this shares most of civilization games' great drawbacks, including the awfully slow time taken to recruit sizeable armies. Not as bad as some of the earlier Civ titles, but build-up to wars are not a swift thing.

Another Civ-like fantasy game that I wouldn't recommend is the Warlock Games. While they sport some ingenious ideas such as magic capable of altering the world map, the multiplayer turns aren't simultaneous, the game runs slower and slower the further into a play-through you get, and it crashes and crashes all the time. Splendidly promising game that can't deliver because of its instabiliity. Endless Legend is infinitely better in this regard. On 4 players we had a day-long play-through that never once crashed, and it ran smoothly all the time!

However, there is no actual Dwarf faction, which is always a major drawback, grumble grumble grudge.