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The presence of Daemons, spontaneously appearing cults crossing culture and species borders and mutations as rewards are certainly not cultural perceptions. Whether the shadowy cult needs to be stamped out had no bearing on my argument. Only that the cults exist.
True but even Kaela Mensha Khaine has to be 'curbed'. There's a scene in recent "Jain Zar" novel from Gav Thorpe where she and a newly awakened, potentially the first time since the Fall, Avatar of Khaine have a brief discussion. Jain Zar makes it clear Khaine is little better than Slaanesh, and if it were not for the Path, war-masks, Aspect Shrines, Khaine would happily seize the remaining Eldar of the Craftworlds and pitch them into a glorious, but short lived final war, preferring they go out in a blaze of glory. Jain Zar concedes the bloodlust of Khaine is necessary for her people to survive in this new age, but refuses to cede complete control, which leads to a stalemate and the Avatar leading the Eldar in war, but otherwise becoming a cold iron statue otherwise.

All warp entities encourage a certain type of behaviour... one could say while Orks do not have a system of religious veneration, Gork and Mork are generally presented as "slumbering" - unless the Orks are on the warpath, or Waaagh! when they become active, until that energy is expelled by defeat from an outside force, or it expends itself (the Waaagh! scatters or ends up breaking apart from infighting without a suitable target of opposition), where the twin gods go right back to a subconscious level until another Waaagh! develops.