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True but even Kaela Mensha Khaine has to be 'curbed'. There's a scene in recent "Jain Zar" novel from Gav Thorpe where she and a newly awakened, potentially the first time since the Fall, Avatar of Khaine have a brief discussion. Jain Zar makes it clear Khaine is little better than Slaanesh, and if it were not for the Path, war-masks, Aspect Shrines, Khaine would happily seize the remaining Eldar of the Craftworlds and pitch them into a glorious, but short lived final war, preferring they go out in a blaze of glory. Jain Zar concedes the bloodlust of Khaine is necessary for her people to survive in this new age, but refuses to cede complete control, which leads to a stalemate and the Avatar leading the Eldar in war, but otherwise becoming a cold iron statue otherwise.

All warp entities encourage a certain type of behaviour... one could say while Orks do not have a system of religious veneration, Gork and Mork are generally presented as "slumbering" - unless the Orks are on the warpath, or Waaagh! when they become active, until that energy is expelled by defeat from an outside force, or it expends itself (the Waaagh! scatters or ends up breaking apart from infighting without a suitable target of opposition), where the twin gods go right back to a subconscious level until another Waaagh! develops.
I think there's a big difference between encouraging and mandating. Using Khaine for example, the very fact that war-masks, the Path and Aspect Shrines are possible at all is proof that it is different from Khorne. The difference between Gods and Chaos Gods appears to be that Gods will empower their champions with abilities that are fleeting or not debilitating in the long run. Balance can be struck. There is no Path of Damnation stemming from Khaine where his followers are blessed with seemingly random physical mutations until they degenerate into a Chaos Spawn or become exalted enough to rise to a Prince. It implies a fundamental difference in what the Chaos Gods and Gods are. For all we know, the Eldar pantheon predates the existence of the Eldar. They very well came into being in an entirely different way than the Chaos Gods did. None of the other Gods seem to explicitly be the result of the collective psyche of a species except for Gork and Mork. Which is why I am classifying Gods formed that way as Chaos Gods.

That is why I am so puzzled about Gork and Mork and seek an explanation. They seem to came into being the same way as the Chaos Gods but do not exhibit the same traits. Even the Chaos Gods that are sworn enemies and polar opposites of each other operate in the same fashion. Gork and Mork being a Chaos God of Orkish traits that has another God intertwined with it that sprung into being because the Orks believed it to exist seems like a very elegant solution. One Chaos God formed by the underpinning rules that govern the Warp and one God that popped into being by the latent Orkish psychic power to reshape reality to conform to their expectations forced to occupy the same space. That would explain why neither of them behave like how a God or Chaos God should.