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Thread: The Nature of Gork and Mork

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    Re: The Nature of Gork and Mork

    Short answer: By RT background, there are no insecurities in Ork mind for Chaos to exploit.

    Long answer: The Chaos Gods are specific class of warp entities spawned by mortals insecurities. They feed and grow on these insecurities, and promise their worhippers power tailor-made to overcome their own insecurities... martial proves, charisma, resilence, knowledge, getting even, whatever - in return for worshippers free will. Worshipping Chaos is extreme act both evading and surrendering to ones insecurities.

    Now, Orks are artificially created warrior species/ sentient(?) biological weapons, down to their psyche and motivations. There are no insecurities in Ork mind, because it's not designed to have them. Also, Ork souls are connected in the Warp into collective "presence", the Waaaagh! Gork and Mork are reflection of Ork collective mindset in the warp and again, mortal insecurities or ambitions of individual worshippers are not a factor. On the contrary, Ork gods are gods of blind confidence, of collective action, of mobbing up and stomping things flat.

    It's likely that the Ork collective Warp presence, and kind of deitiess their minds spawn in the Warp, are engineered as much as their bodies and individual mindset; designer psyche that spawns designer gods.
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