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So I had a really out there idea that I have become very fond of.

So Gork and Mork is a single Chaos God and a single Orkish god bound together by the power of Orkish belief. Both were born of incredibly similar things and yet they are anathema to each other. Forced together and constantly vying for dominance over the other. Wild speculation but I think there is something very elegant to the idea. Any opinions?
I have never liked the idea of Gork and Mork being conventional warp gods. I like the idea that they exist solely within the Waaagh itself. Every Ork is Mork and every Ork is Gork, and the stronger the Waaagh gets, stronger Mork and Gork get. This concept means Gork and Mork dont exist within the warp itself in the same way Khorne does, but are a direct projection of Orkiness itself.