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Slaanesh and the Eldar.
Excuse me, I thought that I was being very clear about Chaos God and God being different things. No God of the Eldar, Humans or any other species seems to be the result of the collective psyche of their species except for Gork and Mork. Every Chaos God is explicitly the result of the psyches of mortals reflecting on the Warp. You see my point? They seem to be operating on rules that are halfway between God and Chaos God.

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Short answer: By RT background, there are no insecurities in Ork mind for Chaos to exploit.

Long answer: The Chaos Gods are specific class of warp entities spawned by mortals insecurities. They feed and grow on these insecurities, and promise their worhippers power tailor-made to overcome their own insecurities... martial proves, charisma, resilence, knowledge, getting even, whatever - in return for worshippers free will. Worshipping Chaos is extreme act both evading and surrendering to ones insecurities.
I remember that particular line of logic. I think its ridiculous. Orks are not fearless (regardless of what the original Necron Codex says...). Orks want things. To fight. Food and drink. Revenge. To be the boss. To go really fast. Orks have wants and needs that can be exploited by the Chaos Gods just as any other species. Anyway, even if I agreed with that line of logic, it is only a defense against Orks worshiping Chaos Gods. Its not a defense against Orks making them. It is said that the face of Khorne contains a certain Orkish aspect after all. That is not a defense against Gork/Mork being at least partly of Chaos.

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I have never liked the idea of Gork and Mork being conventional warp gods. I like the idea that they exist solely within the Waaagh itself. Every Ork is Mork and every Ork is Gork, and the stronger the Waaagh gets, stronger Mork and Gork get. This concept means Gork and Mork dont exist within the warp itself in the same way Khorne does, but are a direct projection of Orkiness itself.
The Waaagh is a psychic phenomenon originating from the Warp. Thinking that Gork and Mork shouldn't exist in the Warp and instead be in the Waaagh is like saying that Khorne shouldn't exist in the Warp and should instead exist within Anger. Both the Waaagh and Anger without the Warp are just mental constructs that exist within the minds of living beings. If you meant Chaos instead of the Warp then okay. Gork and Mork have never been considered to be of Chaos. I'm the one making the case that maybe one could be. You are the one who's ideas are in line with the canon.