So I had a really out there idea that I have become very fond of.

I was pondering about why the Orks haven't birthed a Chaos God. They have very unbridled emotions and behaviors. They contributed to Khorne but have no special relationship with that deity. They have Gork and Mork. Those gods have been described as the Orkish ideal created from the behavior of all Orks and the Waaagh. They don't act like Chaos Gods though so I have never considered them as Chaos Gods. No corruption, daemons, marks and so on. But what if they were actually a Chaos God that for some reason acts differently? Consider this. One of either Gork or Mork is a Chaos god representing the Orkish excesses. I would consider that to be Ambition. Go faster, be bigger, kill bigger things, shoot more guns and so on. A constant drive to be better for the sake of being better. Not in that Slaaneshii where they seek to become perfect and love the smell of their own farts. Orks don't believe in perfect. There is never enough dakka after all. Anyway, imagine that this deity is born and Orks as a species become immediately aware of it. They would be after all. That's how it worked for the Eldar. Now imagine how the Orks react. They would love it! That would be their god! Regardless of its desire for the souls of the beings that birthed it. So then you get the combined Orkish belief that this Chaos God is their god. You know how things go when Orks believe things. That would create the other of the pair of Orkish gods.

So Gork and Mork is a single Chaos God and a single Orkish god bound together by the power of Orkish belief. Both were born of incredibly similar things and yet they are anathema to each other. Forced together and constantly vying for dominance over the other. Wild speculation but I think there is something very elegant to the idea. Any opinions?