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Thread: 28MM Archameanid Persians in 28MM-- Who?

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    28MM Archameanid Persians in 28MM-- Who?

    I have started sniffing aroudn for a price on an army of Arachameanid Persians, but have only found Warlord's line so far in 28mm.

    Can someone point me to other alternatives so I can compare? I prefer plastic, but know that this might not be possible.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Re: 28MM Archameanid Persians in 28MM-- Who?

    On the plastic front, there are only two sets: Persian Infantry and Persian Cavalry from Wargames Factory. I have no idea how easy they are to obtain, but in any case they are rather limited in poses.

    On the metal front, there is also a range from Wargames Foundry. Do not expect them to be any cheaper than Warlord.
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