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Thread: The Furious Driller and the Spiteful Hobgoblin, by Zhargonidus

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    The Furious Driller and the Spiteful Hobgoblin, by Zhargonidus

    The Furious Driller and the Spiteful Hobgoblin, by Zhargonidus

    Once upon a time, there was an able-minded driller of immense strength and a stubborn temper. So many deep shafts did his drill-team carve into the ground, that he hollowed out ash plains and made rocky heights crumble. And hundeds of unwitting slaves plummeted to their doom as they fell down drill wells that had not existed there days before. One day, the hardy driller paid a Daemonsmith handsomely to craft a fearsome device of a kind never before seen, for it was a drill that could eat through any rock and never dull its ensorcelled diamond-tipped edges.

    Upon seeing this demented tool, the driller's personal Hobgoblin slave taunted him for a wasteful fool and laughed at the drill.

    "Ya've frewn yer muneey in da cesspitt for such uh puny drill!" cried the Hobgoblin and bent double with laughter.

    Infuriated, the driller swore to prove the drill's worth, so he put his bulging arms to power the tool and drilled straight down through porous lava rock, metallic ore veins and obsidian layers alike. Far down into the darkness did the driller go before he yelled his triumph up to the surface. No kind of rock could withstand the bite of his new drill.

    "Bet ya dun' dare go further fer fear uv breaking da drill!" shouted the spiteful Hobgoblin down the drill shaft.

    In response, the furious driller put his back into it and drilled down and down, until he broke straight through the crust of the world and was swallowed by the roaring, molten depths below. Upon seeing this, the driller's work companions grabbed the spiteful Hobgoblin in wrath and hurled him into the bottomless shaft. For such are the fates of the obstinate.

    - The Furious Driller and the Spiteful Hobgoblin, by Despot Zhargonidus Doombeard, the renowned Chaos Dwarf author of fable stories, of our present time

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