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    bluewolf74727's ponderous log of everythingish


    I am starting this new plog to show of my hobbies. I predominantly collect Warhammer 40k Iron Warriors and Warhammer AoS Grand Alliance Death. I decided to start this plog so I can see how much i improve from My next post as I don't have any current pics to put up. I have decided to use the list method other users are using on here so this post will be getting edited when I purchase new models or find out what the models I have in my collection are from. So as part of this plog I will be posting pics of models I don't know the origins of in the hope that you fine people can help me out. There are quite a few that I will most likely not be keeping. I will be creating a trading post in the trading forum when I start going through everything. That said if it's 40k or AoS I will be keeping as I plan on having a small force of each faction to play games with. If by chance any of you live in the Northamptonshire area of the UK Send me a PM I am always interested in talking gaming with people. Any suggestions for models and games will be greatly received.

    Painting In Progress
    Building In Progress
    Not assembled

    Warhammer 40k

    4 ork boyz
    Blue Wolves Primarus Space Wolf successors
    Chaos Space Marines Iron Warriors
    Death Guard
    Dark Mechanicum
    Chaos Guard
    Battle of Calth

    Warhammer AoS


    Start Collecting Skeleton HordeStart Collecting MalignantsSoul Wars box

    Grombrindal, The White Dwarf
    Grombrindal, Christmas Special edition
    warhammer quest silver tower

    Forge World Horus Heresy Character series


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