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I have no qualified opinion about the books.

From the sidelines the 40k reaction looks a lot like the reaction of the WHFB community once the end time plan was revealed and fantasy space marines leaked. Realistically GW has been targeting younger customers for a long time now (style of writing in books, bigger is better and HULK smash). This is just a logical step for GW.

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Well the 40kers have been crying about the percieved deterioration of fluff for ages. But it doesn't seem to have any effect as the game's still going as strong as ever. I guess it's easier to grit one's teeth and live in the past than to admit to oneself that one is playing a children's game.
Most GW games have been for ages 11-12+. Hell that was around the age I was when I discovered 2nd edition WH40K. The cover of Codex: Ultramarines featured a space greco-roman waving a banner in a blue space suit with yellow trim and bright red guns that were clearly inspired by comic books. If anything the setting has grown steadily darker, but more over the top in tone.