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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Star View Post
    Most GW games have been for ages 11-12+.
    Well if you read the blurb for Warhammer Adventures you'll find they're now officially for ages 8-12+.

    As for 40k, well it started out as a pretty blatant parody of the REAL Warhammer setting so it didn't really aim to bear any semblance of realism at that time. As for the REAL Warhammer, the minds behind it were rather heavily invested in (military) history and it shows, the earliest Editions were painstakingly designed to emulate the conditions of actual historical R&F battle down to accurately scaling shooting ranges, just with the odd Dwarf or Elf thrown in. It reads more like a "what if Middle Earth suddenly popped up in medieval Europe" kind of story. Later Editions took a bit of liberty with this approach and injected lots of Magic into the setting until 8th Edition dialed it up to eleven.
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