There's an awful lot of "gatekeeping" going on with these books, both here and elsewhere.

The vast, vast majority of current Warhammer players encountered the game as kids, usually in the 10-12 range. Most of us didn't start reading BL books until their mid-teens because a) there weren't a lot and b) they're actually rather dense in terms of grammar, word count, and syntax.

These fill a clear niche. While I'm not outraged or anything, I'm not "these will be great!" either. That remains to be seen, and in any case, IF YOU'RE READING THE NEWS ABOUT THEM YOU ARE NOT THE TARGET AUDIENCE. BL and GW have a number of very experience authors and editors who have done kids books before in some capacity, so I'm not going to dismiss their potential success out of hand either.

This is basically the Warhammer version of Star Wars "Jedi Prince" series, which was for kids, and had absolutely zero impact on the "B-Canon" EU for Star Wars.