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    Re: Warhammer Adventures - GW Children's Books

    I'm sure he will have an audience with the god-emperor of mankind.

    (Why do pictures of the Lion from the Wizard of Oz pop up in my head?)

    Also notice the thrilling details in the preview:

    A member of the team out-of-action

    Note how it says "out of action". Not dead. Out. Of. Action. Can't have any violence in our Alien ripoff now can we.

    So according to the popularity poll, Zelia, the main character, is the least liked of the group. Gentlmen, it seems we have a problem at our hands. A furry monkey sidekick is roughly twice as popular as everyone else. Stealing the spotlight, however, is a faceless killing machine with 37% approval.

    The AoS equivalent shows a downright mirrored result, with Mr. Stormcast coming in at a meager 15%, barely outdoing the side characters introduced one week ago. I guess they're still not popular.
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