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Well he might not be dead.
That's exactly what I'm talking about.

You don't need to read the book. The Warhammer Adventures site introduces all of the characters and gives a clear characterization of everyone's background and traits (apparently I am like Elio, somehow). The Space Marine is just one of a million of identical clone warriors and doesn't even have a name. He literally couldn't be any more bland. Yet he somehow appeals to the masses more than your carefully crafted cast of characters. It's like Stormtrooper No.5183749 being more popular than Yoda. Just crazy.

To be honest it was a bit silly to include the Space Marine in the poll, but from a writing stanpoint that's a complete disaster. When you have results like this you know you've done messed up. The book better be real good and establish the other characters in their own right or this series will see no more than 3 issues.