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    Re: Warhammer Adventures - GW Children's Books

    Prediction time!
    Since who knows how long it will be before the series conclusion in Tomb of the Necron...

    Either the Zealot's Hand will have a big database of useful information, or the plot will remember the beastman from Hinterland and have him being held captive aboard. From there our heroes will get information about Grooda (from the preview in Plague of the Nurglings), who is probably a psyker. They'll visit her to get the location of Pastoria.
    Elise won't be there, obviously. Zelia will be sad for a bit. Then they'll get attacked by Necrons.
    They will be rescued by a Troupe of Harlequins led by a female Shadowseer (since we haven't had any Eldar yet). The Eldar will want their help to defeat the Necrons, which will require the Diadem for some reason (to enter the tomb complex?) If the children help them, they will help to find Zelia's mum.
    They will probably travel through the webway.
    They will infiltrate the Ketatrix tomb and encounter either Overlord Merlek and/or a Cryptek (if both are present, the Cryptek will be plotting against the Overlord).
    Mekki will do some heretical razzle-dazzle and hack the tombworld. There will be a central poorly defended weak point which will act as a self destruct button for the tomb.
    With the tomb destroyed, the party will travel to Terra (via webway gate?) where they will be reunited with the Scriptor and Elise who the Shadowseer has located using psychic powers.
    It will turn out that Grooda was the Shadowseer all along.
    Elise will adopt/abduct Talen. Amity will leave on other adventures. Fleapit will stay with the children rather than being concerned with finding his own family.
    Maybe there will be a stinger with Merlek going 'Mwahaha I'll get you next time, you meddling kids!'
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