Perhaps you are like myself and bought some Flames of War (FoW) or Team Yankee (TY) miniatures, and never did become a soldier in a Battlefront Miniatures (BM) army. What to do with the 15mm vehicle miniatures, especially the tanks for me? What about using 8th edition 40K rules with the 15mm vehicle miniatures? In my view, some of the 8th edition 40K rules make playing with 15mm miniatures easier than previous 40K editions. So, I want to see if I can make playing 8th edition 40K work using a narrow range of the 15mm military vehicle miniatures.

I have not played a game of 8th edition 40K yet. So, I really do not know what I am doing. But, I do have the tank miniatures, and I need an incentive to get out and play.

The play rules of 40K 8th edition and the 2017 Indicies for using the 15mm (FoW/TY) military miniatures are as follows:
- Index: Imperium 1
- Index: Imperium 2
- Index: Chaos
- Index: Xenos 1
- Index: Xenos 2

I am going to stick with the Space Marines in Index: Imperium 1, although the Imperial Guard in Index: Imperium 2 is an alternative. Overall, I see a sequence of steps such as the following, but this thread focuses on the first step:

1. Tanks: using only the Space Marines Predator.
2a. Aircraft: Tanks and the Space Marines Land Speeder, Land Speeder Vengeance, and Stormtalon Gunship.
2b. Infantry: Tanks and the Space Marines Rhino, Razorback, and Land Speeder Storm.
3. Team: Tanks, Aircraft and Infantry.

Using the above sequence, one can describe the scope of game for play and/or one's commitment by using one of the keywords of Tanks, Aircraft, Infantry, and Team. (I could not think of a word that appropriately describes the combination of Tanks, Aircraft, and Infantry, so I used Team as a reference to Team Yankee.)

Another way of looking at the above steps is to see the steps in terms of military vehicle miniatures as follows:

    Main Battle Tank        1/100: Tanks                     Predator
Armored Personnel Carrier   1/100: M113 Transport              Rhino
Infantry Fighting Vehicle   1/100: M113 ACAV                 Razorback
  Transport Helicopter      1/144: UH-1 Huey Transport   Land Speeder Storm
    Attack Helicopter       1/144: AH-1 Cobra         Land Speeder (Vengeance)
     Strike Aircraft        1/144: Harrier Jump Jet      Stormtalon Gunship