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Thread: Where I try to rediscover my enthusiasm for painting

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    Where I try to rediscover my enthusiasm for painting

    **EDIT... Having fallen foul of the Photobucket changes I am slowly re-adding the missing pics, if I can still find them.**

    Evening all.

    After pretty much a total break from painting for a couple of years or so due to an assortment of other commitments I've recently found myself with some spare time on my hands (mainly due to crap weather meaning cricket matches have been cancelled) and decided to pick up my brushes again. In a bid to get back in to it I've decided rather than start a big project like a new army, I would stick to small projects and have a bash at colouring in any odd models or small regiment that takes my fancy. I'm finding it hard to rediscover my old enthusiasm though and thought I'd start posting some pics here in the hope that with some encouragement and constructive comments from the good folks on Warseer i might actually get some stuff finished. And who knows maybe even get up the motivation to finish the Night Goblin army I've been painting since Skull Pass was released.

    First thing I've started... well finished off really is some old plastic dark elf swordsmen. These have been sat on my desk for probably the last 3 years so only fair they got finished off first. I've only got the bases to do, and no doubt I'll spot some odd finishing touches that need doing

    I've also made a start on an Empire Great Canon. I'm still undecided on which colour scheme to go for on the crew, leaning towards Ostermark.
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    The final thing I'm working on is a converted/scratch built Nurgle Chaos Snail. It's an idea I've had in mind for years and years and figured now was the time to have a go, especially having picked up a back of decorative shells from the closing down sale at my local garden centre.
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    Still needs a lot of work but I think you can get the general idea from what I've managed so far. Need to get some new Greenstuff before i can finish this one.

    Thanks in advance for looking and i look forward to comments and suggestions.


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