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Thread: New to 40K - where to start in the background?

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    New to 40K - where to start in the background?

    I've received the 8th edition rulebook for my birthday, so after twenty years of nothing but Warhammer Fantasy I guess I'll be finally making the leap to the other system.
    Background is what kept me into Warhammer when my gaming group slowly ran out of people, so through the background I hope to further fuel my interest in 40K.
    The good thing is, there's loads of background. The bad thing is, there's loads of background

    Where to begin?
    I have the 8th edition rulebook, as well as that of 4th edition.
    I also have the 4th edition Necron and Imperial Guard codices.

    I haven't decided yet which army I'll play but it will be Tau, Imperial Guard, Orks or Necrons (the latter two leaning closest to my Orcs and Undead from fantasy I guess).

    Can someone point me in the right direction?
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