Hey guys,

I am doing a 1,500 point list and have got maybe... three games in this edition at 1,000 points. Its all I've played. Im getting some scouts to cheaply and quickly fill out a Detachment for precious command points.

I have two Jump Librarians, a Jump Lieutenant, Techamrine with some servitors, three full strength assault squads and some Sanguinary Guard. Cant remember the entire list but thats the jist.

Anyhow, how should I use Scouts in this force and particularly what should I arm them with? Im leaning towards bolters and deploying close to shooty enemy armies and moving everything else across the board as quick as possibly as well as using my CP for On Wings of Fire (I think thats the relocate the unit Stratagem). That way they help with messing up enemy gun lines, target priority, tying things in close combat and letting everyone else get accross the board intact.

What do people think? I tend to play an aggressive playstyle. Mainly playing against a Dark Angels Gunline at the moment.