So no better time to throw dice

I have two battle reports coming your way (this is the first one), both against Marines, or Imperium. I wanted to see, how the same list can fare against two completely different imperial scum lists...

First match is against Raptors with some Astra Militarum (13 cps!) allies and we are playing a tournament mission (Eternal+Maelstrom) with 2000p. Opponent had an interesting list, with not a single vehicle (except a character Drednaught), but he has BODIES...i wonder how my two triple lance Ravagers fared against infantry? ...

I dropped the NEW word from the title, because the Drukhari aint so new anymore, but are still precious to me

2000p, Drukhari vs. Raptors/Astra Militarum, and off we go!

- Lost Vyper