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Thread: Could/can the Emperor regenerate?

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    Could/can the Emperor regenerate?

    Being new to 40K, I have a huge amount of lore to read through.
    I've been reading up on the main Imperial timeline as a start, but then branched out in the Primarchs.
    I was reading an online article on Vulkan. At some point he is captured by the Night Haunter, who attempts to execute him:
    The Night Haunter personally beheaded the Salamanders' Primarch, ripped out his throat with a piece of cutlery, stabbed him through the chest and virtually tore him limb from limb with his own wicked claws. When these attempts failed to kill Vulkan, Curze had him eviscerated, shot at close-range by hundreds of Bolters, put into a ventilation shaft of a starship's engine and even stripped naked and thrown out of an airlock into the airless void of space. But the Night Haunter's efforts proved all for naught.
    Vulkan survived all this (and reentry from the upper atmosphere of Macragge) because he was a Perpetual, a mutant able to heal any damage done to him.

    In the article about Perpetuals it says the Emperor was/is a Perpetual too.
    The wounds inflicted on him during the Siege of Terra seem far less severe than the ones Vulkan suffered.
    So why did the Emperor (think that he would) die?
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