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Thread: After my last 2nd edition game on a Daemon World.

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    Re: After my last 2nd edition game on a Daemon World.

    If you go to the "2nd edition memories" threat I think we uploaded some common fixes cooked up back on Portent. Turned out everyone was using pretty much the same house rules. Or you could click on my signature.

    A key point in playing 2nd is doing it correctly. That may sound condescending, but GW didn't do the best idea of keeping its rules clear so a lot of well-meaning people were playing the game wrong. The best proof of this is that the BattleBible that is still circulating has a number of mistakes that were quite common back in the day. Fixing those mistakes makes the game go faster and play better.

    Off the top of my head, here are some quick ways to speed up the game:

    - No persistent templates. Once a blast goes off, it goes off. No rolling for plasma to expand or contract, no bothering with characters on fire.

    The sole exception is blind grenades, which last a complete player turn before dissipating.

    - Don't roll for scatter on jump pack troops. It's a pain and annoying. Have Orks roll a d6 for each stormboy and on a 1 they have a mishap as in the rules.

    Regarding close combat, I put a revised, faster system together a while ago. Basically roll one die per fight and treat re-rolls, extra attacks as positive modifiers. Similar odds, goes much faster.

    Pyskers are a huge time sink. We never use them.

    -Vehicles and overwatch work fine, but if there isn't enough cover, vehicles will dominate. No easy way around that one. I happen to like them as is.

    - Vehicle upgrades are specifically limited to one example of a given modification per army. There's some wiggle room if you use different combinations, but having everyone just have ablative armor and nothing else is a no-no. If people are stacking them, they are putting a lot of points into a single basket.
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