And to prove it (and dust off this place) I decided to share a few pics with you.

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It's from a game we played two weeks ago. Slowly but surely we're fighting our way through the End Times campaign. This was the last scenario from the Thanquol book, you know, where the Dwarves make their last stand before being wiped from the face of the planet. And because of the scenario special rules, only Infantry are alowed to participate! So this was the grand chance for my Skaven army to shine in all its glory.

The game was 4600 points, which was marginally less than what I could muster (except for characters), or fit on the table for that matter. Unfortunately I still lost, because those nasty Dwarves hit like a ton of bricks. This is however how it played out canonically so I'm not too upset.

I'm toying with the idea of starting an End Times blog. While there are numerous reviews of the End Times books and new units on the web, none of them seem to take the campaign into account. Perhaps it was considered too "fluffy" at that time to be worth any consideration, but AoS taught us that fun is the most important aspect of tabletop gaming so while the scenarios are in no way balanced, they offer a lot of fresh wind to liven up the game and try out stuff you'd never do (or be able to) otherwise.

So I can give a good rundown on everything, and Warseer can be the only place on the web to exclusively host this sort of content.