So for those of us enjoying out Future Historical games Forge World recently put out an FAQ

A few things from the general FAQ that caught my eye is Master of Signal can move and fire his bombardment ability.

Legion Champions finally get access to the Paragon Blade. Makes him less of a burden in the Maru Skara rite of war.

Aurgury Scanners get a buff, with all weapons in the unit gaining interceptor if one is in the unit.

A big one, Marksmen Vets take a big hit. Replacing the Marksman bulletpoint with Stalkers: The unit gains the Scout special rule.
Which will hit a lot of lists, but I think it'll bring a bit more variety back to the field.

Another big one from the Pod FAQ. No more keeping the dreads in the pod. You must disembark like everyone else. Though you do gain Shrouded for the turn you disembark due to Burning Retros.

There's a fair few changes in the above links, but those are the ones that caught my eye.