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Thread: Vaaish's All things Epic (and the ocassional 40k/BFG)

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    Vaaish's All things Epic (and the ocassional 40k/BFG) - Speeders: update 6/19/2009

    With TacComms on the fritz lately and Malakai bugging me to post, I've decided to expand my logs to Warseer as well. That being the case, there is quite a bit to catch up on these days.

    In the beginning was the Guard.
    To begin with, I've always been curious about Epic given the tiny scale so one day I broke down and snagged some old OOP guardsmen from ebay to have a look at how much detail they actually had and being unable to bring myself to paint up masses of infantry for 40k. Eventually they got painted and thus was born my epic rabbit chase from 40k.

    That gave me this:

    To which many moons later was added a second, and then came support:

    And seeing that Epic was good, and that it was fitting vehicles should follow, the Guard gained more support:

    Not satisfied with all that was done, the guard was found wanting once more and soon the forges replied with steel:

    And thus the cries fell silent for a time.
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