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Thread: Returning to 40k after 10 years

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    Returning to 40k after 10 years

    Hi all,

    I'm returning to 40k after about 10 years now. The last edition I played was the one that had the battle for macragge box set of tyranids/space marines (not sure which edition that was).

    10 years ago i switched to fantasy and had lots of fun until the unspeakable event occurred 4 years ago and I swore off it forever.

    Now though, I'm ready to get into 40k and I already ordered my new Tau army. I've read a lot about 40k 8th edition and it sounds like the rules are actually a lot simpler and more balanced than before, so I'm pretty excited!

    Do any of you have tips for someone returning to the hobby?
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    Re: Returning to 40k after 10 years

    Hey man,

    Its great to have you back.

    Essentially forget everything you thought you knew about the rules of 40k. It is much better but there are still some head smacking moments, let them slide and you will have a wonderful revival of your old hobby. Tau are a great choice this edition too as they have a good codex with great internal balance (as long as you dont love Kroot) so you should be able to get a lot of use out of any models that take your fancy.

    Good luck and have fun.

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    Re: Returning to 40k after 10 years

    welcome back! I've not got tips as I'm an old school roleplayer and just got into wargaming... but I'm really enjoying my Deathguard army and their disgusting resilience.... All hail to Nurgle...
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    Re: Returning to 40k after 10 years

    I know this is old ..but I quit the game for 13 years and came back for 8th. Just try out some small games as it does play differently

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    Re: Returning to 40k after 10 years

    I'm in pretty much the same situation. I've been away since 2010, and discovered last night that the rulebook was much more reasonably priced than I expected. I have two enormous armies in need of updating, and it's use it or lose it so I guess I'm back in.

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