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    The following project is based on a "Marine Expeditionary Force" but only in the size of a Rifle Company, anything ells would be a little to big.

    The idea for the project started back in 2013 as I had the opportunity to buy a Dreamforge leviathian for just 42 Pounds. I was impressed from the modell that I went out and bought a whole army, the offered prices were just too good. I was lucky again a year later that the vendor was having a clearing out sale on all Dreamforge items and I immediately bought up all I could get and wanted.

    In this project I am using a lot of different producers as I am not fond of the standard weapons that come along with the Dreamforge infantry.
    Apart from that I have used a diversity of modern 1/48 scale models as tanks and other vehicles which I find suit the part quite well. To be able to make all the different weapon systems I wanted I used a lot of third party bits.

    Each of the individual headers "buttons" will take you to the relevant page of that topic, I will add more and more as time goes by and I have finished painting the models.

    I would call this kind of project a "Near Future" type, imagine the future in about 50- 100 years . Weapon systems have changed over time but not in a too extreme Sci-Fi fashion. Artillery is more important then ever as the use of laser weapons on the battlefield has become more common, due to this Missiles and rockets have lost some of their usefulness.
    Humanity has started to conquer our galaxy but only for the use of its resources.

    "Near Future"

    The world we live in has changed, the 3rd world war did not come and go as we expected it too. The war went on for many decades but only behind the scenes instead of a years of long open warfare.
    The great nations of the world fought each other through third world countries, so called proxy wars.
    Initiated uprisings and rebellions, conspiracies and deceptions were on a daily basis.
    Pin point accurate stock market crashes took away nearly all the people had left, this drove the majority of the people into the dependency of the state and thus giving up their sovereignty.
    A number of unbelievable cover-ups and deceptions were uncovered in USA of that time. This brought the USA into a 2nd civil war which went on for years.
    This left the former super powers country and population destroyed to the ground.
    After the population, in the name of protection and justice gave up their personal freedom and after they were robbed of their privacy, humanity started to revolt and turn against their governments.

    But as Planed their was already a savior.

    Ordo Draconis

    The "Ordo Draconis", the first galactic expeditionary corps, 1st ironcore regiment, 7th battalion, company alpha will be the main focus point of my army.
    A large part of our Earth is caught up in a "nuclear winter" I will try to show this on the bases the models are on. I have chosen the topic of a city battle as it fits perfect to the grey colour scheme I have chosen and I had the chance to use some of the really fantastic TT-C buildings.
    First I wanted to use a different colour scheme then what was on the boxes but after seeing the amazingly painted miniatures from David Woods "Dwartist" my mind was set up and it was done for me!

    Picture by David Woods from the dwartist Blogsite

    If you do not know the "Dwartist" you must have a look at his site, really great stuff their!

    As you can see the colour scheme will be a more natural realistic nature and not a fantastical colour pot.

    I have chosen this Rifle company to resemble the US marine Corps rifle company because there is so much information out their about weapons, vehicles, unit sizes and so on.
    Of course there will be deviations as I have added some modern weapon units and units.
    I have a fable for gatling guns so you will see your fare share of them .
    All in al the build up will be as follows:

    Rifle Company Alpha
    • Company Headquarters
      • Company Commander (Commanding Officer/CO) - Captain
      • Executive Officer (XO) - usually a First Lieutenant
      • First Sergeant
      • Gunnery Sergeant
      • Property NCO
      • Messenger/Driver

    • Rifle Platoon (3)
      • Platoon Headquarters + 1 LAW
        • Platoon Commander - Lieutenant
        • Platoon Sergeant - Staff Sergeant
        • Platoon Guide - Sergeant
        • Messenger
        • Zusätslich bekommt jedes Platoon einen LAW (Ligh Armoured Walker)

      • Rifle Squad (3) 1x designated marksman 1x radioman 1x tech 1x Reconnaissance Drone. +1 each Rifle Squad 1 medic
        • Squad Leader - Sergeant
        • Fire Team (3)
          • Team Leader/Grenadier - Corporal
          • Automatic Rifleman - Lance Corporal
          • Assistant Automatic Rifleman
          • Rifleman/Scout

    The colour separation will be, grey armour, yellow, blue or green left shoulder with a number on it 1,2,3.
    Green for 3rd Platoon and 1.2.3. for each rifle squad.
    Alpha green 1 would then be "Rifle company alpha, 3rd Rifle Platoon, 1st Rifle Squad".

    every rifle squad will have a medic and a LAW combat android. In times of peace or on camp the droid will take car of all the heavy duty work and logistics, while in combat he will be geared up to blow the sit out of you.
    every rifle squad will additionally get a recon drone which will extend their operational capability.
    Weapons Platoon
    • Platoon Headquarters
      • Platoon Commander - usually a First Lieutenant
      • Platoon Sergeant - Gunnery Sergeant

    • Machine Gun Section (6 - M240G 7.62mm general-purpose machine guns)
      • Section Leader - Staff Sergeant
      • Machine Gun Squad (3)
        • Squad Leader - Sergeant
        • Machine Gun Team (2)
          • Team Leader - Corporal
          • Gunner - Lance Corporal
          • Ammunition Man

    • LWCMS Mortar Section (3 - M224 60mm Light Weight Company Mortar Systems)
      • Section Leader - Staff Sergeant
      • Mortar Squad (3)
        • Squad Leader/Gunner - Corporal
          • Assistant Gunner - Lance Corporal

        • Ammunition Man (2)

    • Assault Section (6 - Mk153 SMAW Shoulder launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon launchers)
      • Section Leader - Sergeant
      • Assault Squad (3)
        • Squad Leader/Team Leader/Gunner - Corporal
        • Team Leader/Gunner - Lance Corporal
        • Assistant Gunner (2)

    So I hope you will enjoy this and can not wait for your interaction and great ideas.


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