Hi all

It's fair to say that I have been pretty bad at keeping project logs going in recent years. This isn't for lack of painting, more for lack of organisation to actually get things photographed and uploaded. In order to try and help with this, I've started a blog to gather all my recent painting progress into one place, and to track future painting. However that is only one part of the puzzle, because I also really enjoyed posting and discussing WIP photos, ideas for colour schemes, and everything else that's easier to do on a forum thread. Hence why I've started this: I am intending to do WIP shots here, and save the blog for finished photos. That said, I don't currently have any WIP photos, so for today this post will just be shinies!

A lot of the early posts in this thread and the blog, will be looking back at what I've painted over the last few years - lots of finished fleets for Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada primarily. I am also intending to go back over my old Fantasy and 40k armies from years ago and try and get some decent photos of them for the first time (those who have seen my painting before, may remember this constant struggle...). Plans for the future include the start of a "Tale of 2 Admirals" project with a good friend of mine to try and get our Dystopian Wars painting backlog cleared, and the blog will include battle reports as and when I am able to get games played. I am also something of a magpie for wargaming shinies, so this blog may go in any random direction, anywhere from Dropfleet Commander, to Beyond the Gates of Antares, to even finishing some half-done Fantasy armies.

Anyway, that's enough words for now, onto some pictures. I'm starting with the current state of my Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth fleet for Dystopian Wars. At the moment, the fleet consists only of naval units, although I have an aerial box primed and ready to paint from next month as part of the Tale of 2 Admirals. A selection of photos below -

Triglav Assault Carrier:

Dazbog Pocket Battleship:

Bagiennik Heavy Frigates:

The fleet so far:

More photos here on the blog.

Any and all comments very welcome: thanks for looking!