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Thread: The Hobby Desk and Back Again: A Log by Doi

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    The Hobby Desk and Back Again: A Log by Doi

    After years of lurking the MP&T forums, bar a patch in the middle where I haunted the Tale of Fantasy Painters before disappearing and becoming a lurker once more, I've decided to finally start one of these fancy project log things to chronicle my futile battle with a never-ending model backlog.

    First, I guess I should give a short spiel on myself. I like long walks on the beach, candle-lit dinners...

    I got into this hobby when I was twelve and, thirteen years later, my addiction to plastic crack is as strong as ever. I started with WFB back in 6th edition and, despite branching out into 40K, my main love is all things fantasy. Currently, I'm a Master's student doing quantitative ecology on the reptiles of Christmas Island (and a thesis due in 10 weeks!) with plans on moving on to a PhD after this.

    At this point I should probably remove the band-aid post-haste and just list my backlog as it currently stands:

    Painting WIP
    Still in Box

    Dark Elves

    Goblin Cavalry Force

    Ogre Kingdoms

    Empire (Cult of Morr, based in Stirland)


    Traitor Guard

    Dark Eldar

    Kingdom Death

    Reaper Bones


    Good thing I'm not painting up Zombicide or I'd have to add another 500+ models to that list...

    And now, onto the fun stuff! Some pictures of finished stuff and then my current project.

    And my current project is a Dark Elf Dreadlord on Emperor Dragon. I haven't actually played a game of Warhammer in years (despite building myself a new table a year or so ago), but those I do play against with have no problem with this being house ruled. If not, I get a damn cool centerpiece for my Dark Elves.

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