Quick question,

Letís say a squad of five marines goes into overwatch ready to shot in the opponents then.

A mob of 5 orks currently out of view from the overwatching marines decides to brave the waiting marines and run across no mans land to a nearby piece of Terrain.

The ork player moves his ork mob one at a time acros the open terrain. The overwatching marine player can now shoot but. He wants to shot the entire ork mob as it moves acros the open terrain.

My question is this.

Would the squad fire all its shots at the first ork thus leaving the remaining orks to move acros safety or would they showtime at a time as the orks present themselves. Or would you just say ď that ork mob is moving so all my squads shots will hit them so I can effectively target 5 models with my overwatching instead of just 1 modelĒ

Canít work this out. Seems a bit silly that a whole squad would waste all of its shots, shooting at one model as the opponent slowly moves each of his squads models across the open terrain gap.

Just curious, many thanks