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no probs,

the idea just spawned after watching a scene in the 'platoon' movie,

the squad pops smoke, then runs across no mans land one at a time. And the sniper picks one of them off!

its not a serious debate, just a query. I'm sure a gaming clubs 'house rules' would settle this, just wondered what the general consensus is.

I think its squad vs squad shooting personally so the whole unit gets hit, but if I heard the first guy in my squad get shot then I probably wouldn't want to keep running, at least the same way he did.

thanks for the discussion.
Movie tactics are almost always stupid.

How you advance over open ground depends on the circumstance. The idea of sending one guy at a time is that the rest of the squad is providing cover fire. Once the lead guy gets into position, he then covers the rest.

Thus the enemy always has the majority of the squad firing at them, which forces them to keep their heads down.

I don't remember the exact scene, but if everyone needs to get out, everyone goes and tries to present hard targets. I remember a drill called "I'm up, he sees me, I'm down" that made it hard for the enemy to draw a bead on you. If a group is moving in this way, they stagger their movement, so the observer is faced with a continuously-changing bunch of figures moving and falling, making it hard to pick one of them out.

In terms of rules, one can assume all troop movement factors that into the shooting tables.