Specifically, the hills on which the battle was fought. They are for the Battle of Gaines Mill being played using the Brigade Fire and Fury rules(2nd edition). The rules are brigade level (duh!) for 15mm figures based on 1" frontages. Depth varies depending on whether they are cavalry, infantry or artillery.

From the Wikipedia page the map below shows the hilly terrain over which the battle was fought. The key features are Turkey hill which is at the south-western end of a wide ridge that runs up to Old Cold Harbor in the north-eastern corner of the map; the hill opposite Turkey Hill from which the Confederates launch their attack; and Boatswains swamp and the creek that runs through which lay between the two hills.

I will splitting the hills into 3 separate pieces as they would a bit awkward to move around in one piece as they will be rather large; they dominate a table that will be 6' by 6'. After spending the morning hacking away at, and sanding insulation foam, I have started on the hill section that runs from old Cold Harbor to new Cold Harbor:

The purple blocks show where the two villages are on the hill; old Cold Harbor is at the bottom of the photo. The purple block just in the frame in the top right corner of the photo shows where Gaines Mill would sit.