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Right, but the point of the game is to blow things up in spectacular fashion. You don't need rainbows or deep plot for that. Most first-person shooters/combat games pretty much let you whack everything on the screen. I'm mean that's the point.
Yet there's still a difference between being a policeman and fighting against terror organisations, as for example in the Resident Evil series, and blindly following orders that are, as I have demonstrated, often quite questionable. A preemptive genocidal strike against an entire planet is not something I'd expect the good guys to do. Remember that Samus is not part of the Galactic Federation and not bound to obey them in any way unless she willingly chooses to do so. Yet she happily hops from planet to planet incinerating anything and everything with miniature thermonuclear explosions. At what point do you become worse than your enemy?