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    this is just a little photo update for my Khador force.
    I work as a volunteer at my LFGS so I end up playing lots of different game systems. as such I long resisted getting into WM.
    I ended up going with khador for the look of specific models without knowing much about the lore of the universe.

    In this similar vain I just expanded my for force up to the standard 75 points with the release of the new khador manOwar solos.
    .war dog-solo
    .gobber tinkerer-solo
    .widow makers-unit
    .widow maker solo
    .manOwar suppressor-solo
    .manOwar cannon-solo
    .gun carriage-battle engine

    I also picked up the fantastic cobbletown tablewar fat mat, I even got my first battle in with them against a circle orobos wolf themed army.

    I ended up winning the game because he split his forces. allowing me to bait him into rushing to far forward and loosing his casters concealment control zone spell on some of his important units and beasts. making them easy to pick off. if he had just rushed his force forward enmass I probably would not have been able to stop him.
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