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Thread: Types of Legion Consuls?

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    Types of Legion Consuls?

    So I've noticed that the Legions now have a few new Consul models about to be released, but I've kinda lost track of which Consuls there are.

    Does anybody have a list of them? Right now I've got the Vigilator (sniper) and Praevian (some sort of Iron Father/Techmarine). Which other ones are out there and what functions do they have?
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    Re: Types of Legion Consuls?

    There were the Chaplains, Librarians, Primus Medicae and Forge Lord, Legion Champions which all became standard following the Reformation and the Codex Astartes, Vigilator (aforementioned Sniper specialist), Siege Breaker (Demolitions expert), Master of Signal (vox-operator) and Moritat (Gunslinger?).
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    Re: Types of Legion Consuls?

    There are also the Delegatus (specially chosen commander for a particular mission) and Herald (standard bearer) from Horus Heresy Book 6: Retribution.

    The Praevian is in charge of robots.

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