The Idea
My idea is to basically create an inspired-by version of The Battle at the Farm (BAF) but using the Kill Team rules. For this project I plan on making…

• A foldable Kill Team board
• All terrain for the scenario
• Space Ork Kill Team
• Space Marine Kill Team

Though I won’t be replicating the forces exactly, the teams will be based on the original forces involved.

The Scenario

In the original scenario a group of marines were holed up in a ruined farm house as an Ork patrol was heading towards them; the two Ork leaders were looking to recover some loot they stashed in the ruins previously. I don't really have a plan for the narrative yet but it will be something along these lines.

The basics for deployment is that the marines are in the farm with two sentries in the outhouses while the Orks move on from the eastern board edge. The Orks must butcher the defenders and loot the ruins; the marines will be looking to repel their attackers.

The Board & Terrain

For storage purposes I intend to design the board to be hinged so that it folds shut. In addition, its gunna have magnetic catches to keep it closed and maybe I will add a carry handle to make transporting it easier. For ease of placing terrain and to make it as flexible as possible the playing surface will be relatively flat.

The original board was quite simple & characterful with three main terrain elements, the farm, the orchard and the hill. The board should also have some set-dressing elements such as crates, barrels and perhaps even a vehicle.

• Farm building based on the classic WD Ork Building article from WD134 It might be ruined it might not
• Jadeberry Orchard based on the classic spiky-ball plants of 40k
• Bultha’s Rise, a low hill I was thinking of making this a rocky hill to add a bit more interest
• Wind power generator ruins…or maybe a crashed Rhino If a crashed Rhino then the bolter may still be functional using the tanks machine spirit

Hmm...if I did go with the crashed Rhino then perhaps the narrative could be something along the lines of a damaged Rhino finally gives out and the squad on board make for a group of nearby buildings knowing that they are being pursued by an Ork squad.

The Space Orks

My Orks are going to be inspired by both the original BAF scenario and the box art for the Space Orks box. I’m not planning on assigning them a particular clan, as I want a more generic Ork Raider feel.

The Space Marines

At the moment I am planning on using my own chapter, The White Wolves, for the space marines. They wear green armour with white helms and parts-wise I was going to use non-Primaris parts; tactical marines for the most part with beaky helms and assault squad legs for a more dynamic look.

So, what's my first move I hear you ask...well I have been designing the folding board but I think I will start with building an Ork or two to help ease my way into the project and to have something handy for designing the other elements.