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    Re: Necromunda terrain redux

    Hazard strips are just printed on cardboard, cut to strips and glued on. Then stubbed on some metal paint and added washes to cover the printed look and white edges.

    @LittleJoe: Yup, we have good insulation foam options available here in DIY hardware stores. But I'm kinda looking for commercial or otherwise factory cut plastic or other hard material 2'x2' or 1'x1' board pieces with enough depth and some kind of locking mechanism. I wish the whole gaming board to be pretty seamless and board piece edges durable enough to handle transportation and not wear over time. So no more self cut DIY modular boards and their maintenance for me. It would be great if somebody would sell a DIY modular board kit with only thin and rigid plastic/aluminum edges and you could fill them with hard insulation foam or whatever you like. Also pre-made hard foam modular boards would be a pretty good option, as it seems to be durable enough material to handle wear, and still workable if you need to dig in trenches/craters, make room for buildings or somehow tune it up to your preference. You cannot do that easily with plastic modular boards. So I'm still looking for an optimal solution before starting a modular board project - playing with DeepCutStudios: Urban Ruins mousepad gamemat and doing these urban/industrial terrain pieces until then.
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