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Thread: Necromunda terrain redux

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    Re: Necromunda terrain redux

    Yup, I could not find enough used Cities of Death building bits here in Finland, so opted for 3D prints. It gives me a bit of variety too. Mostly models from Thingiverse. Also my buddy designed the towers and some missing bits for me. You can check out his eBay shop at for CoD and Sector Mechanicus style bits at:

    EDIT: Ah, forgot to mention that if you use PLA+ or ABS plastic 3D prints, you need to have pretty strong plastic glues to melt them together. As they are different plastics that GW uses and normal modelers plastic glue does not do the trick. I used 2-part plastic epoxy (like JB Plasticweld), which is thick stuff, creates horrible fumes and fills gaps great, and EMA Plastruct Plastic Weld Cement liquid which comes in a glass bottle and seeps into every crevice (good for gluing small parts and narrow lists).
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