"What is it?"

"I think we have found a worthy opponent..."

"Really? Do i have to tell you what you will become, if you waste my time?"

"...my liege...i...am...i am sure...their belief in their corpse god is strong"

"Ahh...so the false hope shall grant us the victory...i like it...prepare my ship and call in the cousins...i think we are going to need more cursed sorcerer ways to deal with this foe..."

"Yes my liege...shall i obtain some sell swords also?"

"Yes, we could call in our debts and send a message to the Prophets of Flesh also, we need the muscle too..."

"Yes my Lord, it shall be done..."

Here we go!

Shall the psychic power overwhelm the Drukhari with only one cousin to help them to deny their witchery ways? Can the elite army like Grey Knights weather the storm of poison?

Come and see, what ever you are wishing for, it got bloody fast...


- LV