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Thread: Does anybody play Warmachine/Hordes in the UK anymore?

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    Does anybody play Warmachine/Hordes in the UK anymore?

    Been away from our hobby for 7 or 8 years now. Was well into WM/H but sold everything off in 2012.

    But kids older and now a bit of time so thought I would get back into our hobby - and started to look again at WM/H. It has changed a bit. But biggest things is there doesn't seem to be the big and expanding community there used to be.

    Seems people are much more positive about GW and Shadowspire/Kill Team are the big things at present locally - no WM/H interest whatsoever and many not really aware of PP!

    Where are all the WM/H players?
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    Re: Does anybody play Warmachine/Hordes in the UK anymore?

    I never got into WM/H but I think your right the changing attitude of GW has a lot to do with it I'm sure. I've not been to a gaming club for a few years so no idea if this is a regional thing or not.

    Once the dust settles a bit you may well find people going back...I am not really convinced that GW has changed much but time will tell.

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    Re: Does anybody play Warmachine/Hordes in the UK anymore?

    I'm in Australia, which is sort of, kinda, a distant county of the UK...right?!

    I'm trying to get my wargaming groove back on.

    WM/H - People are still playing it, stable game, tight rules, competitive, reasonable cost.
    40k - Just started back into it and playing with Kill Team. But won't commit to the proper full 40k due to the terrible rules and prohibitive cost.

    I own and play games from GW, PP and Mantic. GW pushed me away, I'm slowly gravitating back, but with two kids and a sizeable mortgage, I ain't doing mass-battles.

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