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Thread: What does Morghur do in 8th Edition?

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    What does Morghur do in 8th Edition?

    Seriously. I've been pondering it for weeks now but the answer continues to elude me. He is the only piece in Warhammer I cannot make any sense of. This guy is a mystery to me. So what is he good for?

    I've tried searching the internet for tactics and information but there is nothing. I suspect he simply might be too bad to ever be seriously considered. But before judging his worth I must know what his intended role is. I know he was a popular choice in earlier Editions of Warhammer but in his latest incarnation there seemingly is no incentive that would justify his 280 points tax. So let's recap:

    - He is not a wizard.

    - His statline is abysmal, like, really, really bad, he's comparable to Wargor but costs 200 (!!!!!) points more.

    - He doesn't have any Magic Items, or any equipment for this matter. This guy not even has a save of any kind. Fail!

    - He has a weird base size so unless you take Ungors he'll never fit in any unit. Maybe I should add that Ungors are very, very bad. Running him with Minotaurs is out of the question because he kills them!

    - Being unbreakable is nice but it does nothing when joining a unit, and if he's on his own he'll die to a stiff breeze. Even War Machine hunters give him serious trouble.

    - He automatically kills a nearby model each turn, but only friendly models! This guy kills your own army! I know that's his main schtick, churning out Chaos Spawns, but he doesn't even do his job reliably because there's a 1/3 chance you will pay the price and get nothing.

    - Aura of Transmutation makes him (and him alone) immune to ranged attacks, which is unique, but considering his threat potential is minimal at best (he is literally the worst fighter you could field, especially at the points) I don't think anyone would waste a shot on him anyways.

    So why would one ever, ever bring Morghur? Even if it's for the "free" Chaos Spawns one should consider he costs more than 5 (!!) Spawns regularly bought from the list while statistically he's likely to make 4 per game, and that's not even factoring in him slowly killing your army. Not a good deal I'd say, especially when one considers the Spawn are generally regarded as really, really bad.

    Why GW? WHY?
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    Re: What does Morghur do in 8th Edition?

    Looking at his stats and equipment in 6th, I'm wholeheartedly agreeing with you.

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    Re: What does Morghur do in 8th Edition?

    Did Beastmen have an armybook in 8th edition?
    If not maybe the core rule changes made him worse?

    If he's immune to shooting you can just keep him by himself. In the centre of your army there should be less chance of him being harassed by fast cav and skirmishers.
    Also, unless he has a special rule for it he's not even allowed to join other units because he is Unbreakable.

    Maybe his point cost is based on "hero stats + 4 spawns"?
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    Re: What does Morghur do in 8th Edition?

    No army book for BoC, he just makes spawns and is annoying.
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